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Wyoming Voter Education

Be Informed ~ Be Involved

A Non-Profit Dedicated to informing

Voters on our processes


About  Wyoming Voter Education

This is a Statewide, Wyoming Specific Civics course.

I will be traveling around the state and presenting vital information to public schools, private schools, and to anyone who would like to become an informed voter.

My goal is to help inform voters.

My class curriculum will include:

How to Navigate the LSO Website

How a Bill is Passed

How to Read and Understand Statutes

How to Read a Bill

How the Budget is created

How to register to vote

I am planning on presenting in person and on zoom in order to reach the most residents. I hope to have enough interest to host 1 to 5 sessions per county. This course will be offered to public high school, homeschool high school, and adults residents.

Please go to the CONTACT page to schedule your time.

I will be inviting guests, up to but not limited to, City councilors, County commissioners, etc., from the location I will be talking at for an explanation of the structure for local government-- what does city council do, what is the mayor in charge of, then county officials, commissioners, then state legislators.

This will be taught with the utmost respect for our Constitutional Republic and I will demand that from anyone who speaks with me.

Partisan politics and pushing an agenda will not be tolerated.

This is to produce INFORMED voters and we do that by giving facts and teaching the process, not opinions.

I do need financial support to accomplish this mission.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.


Your partner for more informed Wyoming voters,

Senator Tom James

Senate District 13

Tom James

Senator & Director of Wyoming Voter Education

It is my priority to ensure the people receive accurate information regarding the legislative process so they can follow along and make informed decisions in the voting booth.